Moving Checklist

Decide how much of the work you will be doing yourselves. You can then organise your removal firm or the assistance of the people you will need.

Disposing of the items that you do not want to move with you is also a good idea if you have not already done this prior to putting your home on the market for sale.

If you decide to use a removal firm, it is always best to get several written quotes, so you know exactly what the price covers. Ask friends and family for recommended firms. Some removal companies will also provide you with the boxes and tape you need if you decide to pack yourselves. Once you choose your firm, give them your moving date as soon as you can, remembering to keep them informed if there are any changes.

If you decide to move yourselves, make sure you hire a vehicle that is big enough as it is easy to underestimate the amount of belongings you have to move. Also make sure that you have the correct insurance and also have licence to drive the vehicle.

Approximately 4 weeks before the moving date, write to the utility companies to advise them of your new address, these could include;

  • Gas and Electric supplier
  • Telephone/broadband provider
  • Council tax
  • Insurance’s
  • Mail order companies
  • Royal Mail to redirect mail if required

Tips for a smoother move

Pack by rooms, keeping together the items which will be unpacked in the same room in your new property, kitchen equipment, books, cd’s etc, this will make unpacking easier, labelling the boxes as you go.

Don’t overfill the boxes, boxes that are too heavy can cause injury and can burst risking damage to the contents.

Ensure fragile/delicate items are well packaged with bubble wrap.

Keep boxes in an area where they are easily reached incase you do need to get to them, however well enough out of the way for everyday living, you don’t want to be tripping over them.

At the new property, have the ‘essential’ box with a kettle, some mugs and drink supplies to hand.

Take meter readings of both old and new house

Once unpacked, recycle your cardboard.

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