Court Services

Adoption A full service throughout the adoption proceedings including preparation of Court documents, Court appearance and all work up to and including the grant of the Adoption.

Child Law A full service looking after the interests of children during parental disputes and any other issue affecting the welfare of a child.

Children’s Panel A full service providing advice to parents whose children are subject to the Children’s Panel System.

Criminal Defence Our experienced Solicitors deal with all types of criminal charges.

Disputes Our experienced Solicitors advise in all types of disputes from consumer contracts to

Employment Whether you are an employer or an employee, modern employment legislation is a complex and difficult area. Employers should take advice before taking steps which might prove expensive and employees should be aware of their increasing rights. Our experienced Lawyers can advise in all matters regarding employment rights as they affect employers and employees and in particular with regard to Compromise Agreements.

Guardianship and Intervention Order Our experiences lawyers can advise regarding the steps required to obtain Orders under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2001 and whether Legal Aid may be available.

 Repossession If your home is being repossessed by your Mortgage provider or Landlord, you may be entitled to apply to Court to suspend and delay the rights of your Mortgage Provider or to prevent your Landlord evicting you.  We can fully advise in respect of all the options available to you and whether Legal Aid might be available.


Debt Recovery We offer a full service to pursue debts due to you.

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