Private Client Services

Our lives are often full of challenges.   Some of these require the assistance of trusted advisers.  You may be facing issues relating to your family, your business, your property or perhaps you have concern over your job.   Malcolm Jack & Matheson offer a wide range of Private Client legal services for individuals and business people which are designed to help you protect your assets and your family interests. 


A Will is certainly one of the most important documents that you will ever sign.  Unless you have a Will, you have no control over what happens to your assets when you die.   Having a valid and legally effective Will is an essential tool without which the future wellbeing of your family may be compromised.

 We have the specialist knowledge required relative to property, trusts and Inheritance Tax law to assist you in planning for the future.  Together we will ensure your Will is in line with your requirements and your circumstances so that it helps you to protect your loved ones’ future.


 A Power of Attorney is a legal document giving someone you trust the authority to take actions or make decisions on your behalf.  With our assistance you nominate the person that you wish to help you and decide what powers your Attorney should have.

 It is important to ensure that, should your capacity to manage your affairs becomes impaired, either gradually or suddenly as a result of an accident or illness, your Attorney has the necessary legal authority required to make decisions on your behalf relating to your affairs generally and to your welfare.

If you lost capacity without having granted a Power of Attorney, your family or friends may have to go to Court to obtain the necessary legal authority to act on your behalf.  The additional worry, expense and formalities involved in a Court application of this type are compelling reasons to take steps now to have a Power of Attorney granted and registered with the Office of the Public Guardian.  The initial cost of preparing and registering a Power of Attorney now  is small compared to the potential costs involved in a Court application later.

Whatever your situation, we can advise you on all aspects of Powers of Attorney and help you to arrange and complete the documentation. We can also assist you in deciding who would be a suitable person to act as your Attorney.  We can help you and your chosen Attorney understand the practical consequences of appointment and can give your Attorney guidance and assistance with the administration of your affairs.


Acting as an Executor in an estate can be a significant responsibility. The different and often complex legal issues which can arise during the course of administering the estate of a deceased person can mean a difficult and worrying time for the appointed Executor.

Executors who make mistakes in relation to the administration of an estate may be personally liable for the cost of rectifying those mistakes.  An Executor can avoid or reduce that potential liability by instructing an expert to act on their behalf.  Our expertise, grown from many years of assisting clients with matters of this type, can assist you from start to finish; from making the application for appointment as Executor to the Court; to preparing the detailed inventory of the assets of the deceased and assisting with any necessary Inheritance Tax or HMRC forms and documents.

 Practical advice is also available from our Executry team to assist with the smallest detail including registering the death, assisting with funeral arrangements and valuing assets and liabilities.


If you are appointed as an Executor, it is vital that you take legal advice where there are any complications or potential difficulties to reduce the risks of personal liability and to ensure that the deceased’s wishes are properly and fully implemented.

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